Glendale will be hosting its Annual Teddy Bear Day on Sept. 12

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Glendale will be hosting its Annual Teddy Bear Day on Sept. 12The people of Glendale and its visitors will be able to take part in the 11th Annual Teddy Bear Day for free on Sept. 12. Other stuffed animals are welcome as well.

The 11th Annual Teddy Bear Day will show off classic teddy bear and their vintage accessories, newest modern teddy bear and stuffed animal lines. There will be special activities as well. People will also be able to donate stuffed animals for good causes.

The event also has its own fair share of great stories. The owners of teddy bears often share their personal experiences. “Two years ago, one of our visitors brought his very large bear, almost four feet tall. This bear helped him during his journey of having a kidney transplant. It offered him comfort during the most difficult days of the surgery and recovery. When he came to Teddy Bear Day, he was completely well and healthy and feeling great”, Lorraine Pino, the manager of Glendale Convention & Visitors Bureau sais to the AZCentral online edition.

The Teddy Bear Day will start at the Glendale Visitor Center. Entry is free. Upon arival guests will receive a gift bag with information about the activities and events throughout the day. If you want to catch them all, then be sure to be there for the start of the event which is at 10 AM. Closing time is 4 PM.

There will be a total of 12 activities to try out when you are done checking out all of the exhibits and cool stuffed animals. Amongst the activities there will be make-a-craft art at Cerreta Candy. You will be able to make a chocolate bare and take it home. There will even bee a free ride around Glendale with Ollie the Trolley.

This year there is a special donation event. “This year we have for sale, at the visitor center, an approved teddy bear for $10 so people can buy them and donate to the firefighters,” Pino said. “It’s easy to donate to the program. The teddy bear is a perfect size and shape to fit onto the fire truck.”

Becky Shady, 72, of Glendale, is a volunteer at Teddy Bear Day. She will hand out information about daily activities, and if asked her about her bear collection, this is a story she’ll tell: “They are nice, cuddly, soft and huggable. You can talk to teddy bears, and they don’t talk back.” Since 2000, Shady has collected 500 bears, which fill a room in her home she calls “my bear room.”