Glasgow Airport launches a special campaign to reunite lost stuffed animals with their owners

A lot of kids lose or forget their stuffed animals at the airport. Glasgow Airport wants to help them with a special new campaign to find the owners.

It turns out left behind stuffed animals is quite a common occurrence.  The airport’s lost property office has found 21 left stuffed animals for the last three months alone, SundayPost reports.

So, the Airport authorities are launching an online campaign to help found the owners of the lost stuffed animals. The airport staff will post pictures of the lost teddy bears on social media.

“We hope that somebody will recognise their furry friend and collect them. We’re just softies really, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure more bears don’t get mislaid which is why we’re introducing our new teddy bear tags. We can’t bear for any more teddies to go missing and we understand how traumatic it can be for any child and their parents”, an airport spokesman says.

And that’s not all. The staff at the airport will also hand out special tags to children who are travelling with their stuffed animal. The tags will say “take care of my bear”, so that if someone finds them, they would know it’s lost and in need of help.