How to get the most out of stuffed animals activities

Get the most out of stuffed animals activities.
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Stuffed animals activities can be a lot of fun and very pleasant. If you manage to organize them well that is. But even when everything is flawless there’s the moment of making people feel comfortable and relaxing. You sort off hve to break the ice.

This sounds easy but how do you get people to relax? Just asking them questions about their soft toys won’t do much in that regard. Especially if there are a lot of people at the event. You’re much better off doing something in front of everybody that can engage more people at the same time.

Breaking the ice during stuffed animals activities

It’s obvious really but we have to say it. First tailor you ideas towards the specific type of event you’re holding or participating in. If it’s a child’s birthday party then our activities should be geared towards kids. But it’s a classic teddy bear picnic for people of all ages, then you have to be more flexible. Generally though the should be enough for you to get you into the right direction.

Keep in mind that people usually are more than willing to participate in various stuffed animals activities during events. After all that’s why they’re there. One simple thing can be to do a few polls with show of hands. For example who has brought a certain type of stuffed animal, who has brought more than five toys, who has brought a soft toy they made and etc.

These types of polls are quick and easy and allows people to see they are surrounded with likeminded people which will relax them. It will also show them who has very similar interests to them. You can even do a poll of the type of activity they want next, for example a contest of some sort or a race and etc.

If there aren’t that many people at the event you can do a classic meet and greet. Have people show their soft toys and tell a few words about them with the rest asking questions if they have any.

In case the event is geared towards kids then you can have some extra activities. For example do a storyline involving their toys or the animals they represent. Just remember to always include every child’s toy in the story and ask them questions during the story to keep the communication going.

These simple tips should be enough to make the people at stuffed animals activities feel a part of the event and get them to participate and communicate. If you have any extra tips, or questions you need help with, feel free to write in the comments or on our forum.