Get ready! Two store chains are about to restock with Hatchimals

Get ready! Two store chains are about to restock with HatchimalsStill don’t have a Hatchnimal in your stuffed animals collection? You’ll have one more chance on getting your hands on them this weekend at two store chains.

Both Target and Walmart will receive new shipments of the Hatchimals, KXAN reports. This will happen this weekend, so get ready!

There are some rules to the game, though. Target is going to limit each customer to no more than two Hatchimals. The company also doesn’t say how many toys it’s getting, but they should be in most stores.

Meanwhile, Walmart says a total of 1700 of their stores will receive Hatchimals. The retailer doesn’t say anything about a limit.

According to Target will charge $59.99 for one Hatchimal while Walmart will as $48.88. Sadly, most people expect that others don’t want to buy the Hatchimals for them, but only to resell them for a profit.

Still, if you want to try your chance, you better go to your local Target or Walmart and ask them if they will be a part of the ones getting the restock. If they are, then brace yourself for a long weekend and good luck on getting a Hatchimal (or two).