Geek X wants to come to the UK with stuffed Jack in the Box lines of pop culture toys

Geek X wants to come to the UK with stuffed Jack in the Box lines of pop culture toysIf you like pop culture and Funko’s POP vynil figures aren’t enough for you, there’s a new player in town. It’s Geek X and it wants to come to the UK.

Geek X is an Australian firm and has unique puppets and soft toys line, called Jack in the Box. All of the toys in the line are some of the best villains in the DC Comics universe.

The company is still relatively new to the scene, but it already has big goals. Among them is international expansion and it already eyes the UK as a new market. Geek X’s director Phillip Kapogiannis talked to ToyNews about the plans of the company.

“We’re a gaggle of geeky kids, who make toys and statues for other kids. The origin story is simple. All we’ve ever known and digested is pop culture. We’re the sort of people that read comic books, and feel so moved and inspired that we open the crayon pack and try to draw”, he says.

The toys are quite unique starting from their packaging. “Specifically, in regard to the jack-in-the-boxes, we’re taking something traditionally aimed at children and styling it in a way that can be loved by all. The intention is to try a different approach with kids, normally reserved more for adults and collectors”, he says.

“Our aim is to give them and adults a pathway into their favourite stories and a cool memento to keep on the shelf. For example, the Harley Quinn Jack In The Box is intended to be read as a calling card left for Batman. It’s cheeky, mischievous and helps you craft your own story with Harley.”, Kapogiannis says.

The company already wants to make similar toys for Harry Potter, Marvel and other big names. “Fundamentally we only work with licenses and licensors we adore, understand their work and can make product deserving of their characters”, Kapogiannis adds.