Furby makes the list of top 50 toys of all time

Furby makes the list of top 50 toys of all time
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Vox Efx

The popular line of interactive stuffed animals Furby has made the list of the top 50 toys of all time. It is a list generated by the toy industry leaders.

ToyNews has recently run a survey through lots of toy companies both big and small. It has asked them to name their all time favorite toys from all brands. A total of 94 companies have taken part.

Surprisingly Beanie Babies haven’t made the list. According to ToyNews, they and quite a few other very popular toys didn’t make the list “by the skin of their plush teeth”.

A lot of toys got the same number of votes so there are a lot ot tied places. Actually most of the list features lots of tied places simply because there have been so many lovely toys over the years.

With the ties in mind, Furby gets to 21st place on the list. With over 40 million Furbies sold only during the first three years of the life of the toy, it is no surprise that it got on the list. When we count that Furby has survived time and is still very popular and keeps getting new versions, it is a surprise Furby isn’t higher on the list.

Naturally the most popular toy of all time is LEGO. It is followed by Monopoly, Action Man, Scalextric and Subbuteo. You can check out the full list here. We are going to learn Furbish now. And remind ourselves the history of Furby.