Fur Babies World launching in Walmart this month

Fur Babies World launching in Walmart this monthFur Babies World are finally going to make their US debut. It’s going to happen this month in an exclusive launch with Walmart. There are going to be 6 plush toys for a start.

Fur Babies World gathered their initial popularity in the UK. There, they are known as Bush Baby World.

It’s not clear what led to the rebranding for the US. Moose Toys, the maker of another hit – Shopkins, is going to be the official distributor for Fur Babies World in the US, too.

Both the company and Walmart are going to have a big marketing campaign to support the launch of the new toys. It’s going to feature classic TV ads as well as a big digital campaign.

Apart from the name, the toys are going to be the same. They have the same wiggling eyes and waggling ears.  “After selling out in 4 weeks from its launch in the UK and with over 220,000 units sold through in only 16 weeks of being in stock in 2017, it’s fair to say we are really excited to see the US reaction to this unique collectible range”, John Hales, Chairman of Golden Bear Toys says to ToyNews.

There are big expectations for the success of Fur Babies World in the US. The original toys are already a big hit in the UK and they are the second best traditional plush property in the region. They are also the top new plush property.

And that’s just the start for the toys. Golden Bear is planning to expand the brand worldwide. The plans feature to have the toys make their way to 31 countries by the end of this year. And there will be even more countries next year.