Funny singing stuffed animals

Funny singing stuffed animalsSinging stuffed animals can be very funny. Some of them can also dance with impressive moves. Others are just funny and goofy.

You’ve probably seen singing stuffed animals in the stores but you haven’t really seen their full potential. And for some of them you really need some space to be able to appreciate their capabilities.

Anyway, we’ve gathered some cool videos of funny singing stuffed animals we thought you may enjoy. They are a selection from the web which we thought is entertaining.

We hope the stuffies will bring a smile to you. If you have your own singing stuffed animals, we’d love to see them too.

Funny singing stuffed animals videos

First up is a stuffed¬†dog that likes one specific song so much she can’t help but flap her ears.

Next is a real classic. It is another stuffed dog that loves to sing in the rain.

This stuffed lion also likes to show his proper dance moves. He could teach some to other singers.

And while some singing stuffed animals try to dance to the rythm, others don’t. They just like to go wild. Take this tiger for example.

And here is another crazy stuffed chicken that is quite funny.

Some famous charaters also like to sing and dance. Take Mickey Mouse for example.

Sticking with the popular characters theme here we have the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. He sings a special song.

And last a whole concert of singing stuffed animals with a Christmas theme. There are quite a few stuffies that love to sing and dance in this video.

We hope you liked our selection of funny singing stuffed animals videos. If you have some more you found and wish to share, you can do that in the comments below or in our special section at the forum.