Funko reveals a plethora of Pop action figures

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Funko reveals a plethora of Pop action figuresFunko is preparing for quite a huge year for it Pop vinyl action figures. The company showed off several new lines covering a lot of movies and video games.

The new Funko Pop lines will make their way to the stores throughout the year. So, if you are a fan of the toy line, you will have a very busy year.

And you also better clear some extra space. The new action figures will be quite a lot and you have to be ready for that. Or simply get only the figures you really want.

Funko has separated the figures into three lines. The first one is popular TV shows. This line will include Parks and Recreation, Twin Peaks, Alias, Mr. Robot, The 100, Power Rangers, Teen Wolf, Batman the animated series, Nickelodeon shows and Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

There will be Pop figures for popular video games. Among them are Overwatch, Mass Effect, Tekken, Kingdom Hearts and Gears of War. Yes, Tekken Pop Vynil action figures! Also making an appearance is Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in March.

Next up, classic and popular movies. Here we can find The Lord of the Rings, the new Ghost in the Shell adaptation and Space Jam. Bugs Bunny will get the Funko treatment. This is going to be fun.