Funko is releasing new Dragon Ball Super Goku Pop figures

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Funko is releasing new Dragon Ball Super Goku Pop figuresThe Funko POP vinyl action figure line is as popular as ever. Now it grows with even more Dragon Ball Super Goku figures. And some other new releases.

Funko is releasing several addition to the Dragon Ball Z POP line. As mentioned, the first one is a new Goku action figure, Toynewsi reports.

This version is the Goku Ultra Instinct one. It’s from the moments when he’s unstoppable and can do anything to defend the world.

“When Goku taps into his well-spring of potential, becoming his fastest and strongest self, baffling even Dyspo and Toppo”, the description says.

But don’t fret. Goku isn’t coming alone. There are several other Dragon Ball Z POP figures coming.

They are: Dragon Ball Super – Goku (Ultra Instinct), Dragon Ball Z – Bulma, Dragon Ball Z – Gohan (Training Outfit), Dragon Ball Z – Tien & Chiaotzu, Dragon Ball Z – Master Roshi and Dragon Ball Z – Super Saiyan Vegeta which is an exclusive