Funko introduces new Twilight POP! vinyl action figures

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Funko introduces new Twilight POP! vinyl action figures

The popular Twilight franchise gets some new action figures. Funko introduced its new Twilight POP! vinyl action figures which should make fans happy.

Twilight has been a love or hate type of franchise. While it’s quite popular to hate on it, it still has a huge fanbase.

At least huge enough for make toy companies confident enough to make various toys and action figures. Funko joins on the fun with an entire new line of POP! action figures.

Characters including Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black and Jane of the Volturi will be available as Pop! figures.

Naturally Edward will be most popular. This character will have multiple versions, including his grey pea coat and wedding suit. On the other hand, Bella will be available in her wedding dress and in vampire form.

Each of the figures will be available to fans from September 2016. So, the wait is nearly over! At least for the fans of Twilight. For the rest, there are other cool POP! figures coming, like the A-Team and Star Wars and many others.