Funko introduces new POP lines including for Justice League

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Funko introduces new POP lines including for Justice League When it’s slow for news about stuffed animals, other toys seem to pick up the pace. Now Funko is adding several new lines to the POP vinyl action figures.

One of the leading new lines is for Justice League. The success of Wonder Woman means that there will be an even bigger interest for the Justice League movie later this year.

And Funko is already aiming to make use of this. The company is releasing a big new line of Justice League POP vinyl action figures.

Among them are new version of Bruce Wayne and Aquaman. There’s also a few special edition figures for the San Diego Comic Con. Slowly, but surely, more POP figures will make their way until the entireĀ Justice League is represented.

But there’s more! Funko is also making a step in an entirely new direction for its POP figures. So far, they have been directed mostly at popular fictional characters. Now the line is expanding to real-life people as well. And the first to get their own figures are Metallica. All of the band members will get their own figure.

Funko also decided to honor TV star Bob Ross. He’s the creator and host of The Joy of Painting and passed away in 1995. He still has a huge worldwide fan base.

Earlier this year Funko also announced it will branch out into different types of toys, too. Now the company is keeping this promise. It revealed a life-size Rick & Morty portal gun. It’s ideal for role play and features lights and sounds as per the original. It will make its way to the stores this November.