Funko confirmed it’s making a movie based on its action figures

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Funko confirmed it's making a movie based on its action figuresFinally it’s official. Funko is making a movie which will star the company’s popular POP vinyl action figures. Warner Animation Group will make the flick along with Funko.

“We’re thrilled for this opportunity and are committed to make an amazing Funko movie that stands on its own merit,” says Funko CEO Brian Mariotti to Deadline.

“This isn’t about selling toys or building a brand. The team at Warner Animation Group have a unique vision of what the first film should be and we are extremely excited to take this journey alongside them.”

Warner already has experience as it has made the LEGO movies, Harry Potter, DC Comics and more. It’s also working on Tom & Jerry 2 and Space Jam 2.

So far little is known about the movie. Mariotti also doesn’t say much. He notes that “I think for us there’s more to lose than to gain if we were to do a movie,”

“You have to have a story that is compelling, that engages boys and girls and adults, and it needs to not look like a cash grab or a brand extension of a toy. For us, there’s a lot more at risk by putting out an average to less-than-average movie than it is to elevate our status if we produce an amazing movie […] You have to have an idea of what the story is like and what these characters are. And I think we’ve answered all those things.”

For now, there’s no date or anything more for the Funko movie. But since it’s finally official, now we can expect updates from the company from time to time.