Funko comes into gaming with a new game of Gears of War POP vinyl figures

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Funko comes into gaming with a new game of Gears of War POP vinyl figuresFunko has built quite the popularity of its POP vinyl action figures. They are covering lots of topics but haven’t been in games. Now this is finally changing.

During the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles Funko introduced a special new line of POP action figures. They are representing the new Gears of War action figures.

But there’s more. There aren’t only figures. Actually, there’s going to be a whole mobile video game – Gears Pop.

The new game will mix elements from the classic Gears of War game with Funko POP’s visuals. The title will include Pop renditions of characters Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz.

“We are always looking for new ways to grow in the pop culture market, whether that is video games, animated movies or an entirely new product line. We have had the opportunity to grow our business with consumers, licensors and retailers and we are leveraging our success into an expanding assortment of products and distribution footprint”, Funko CEO, Brian Mariotti says to ToyNews.

“The past year was an incredible one for Funko and our financial results for 2017 were a testament to the diversity, flexibility and strength of our business,” he continued. “In 2017, we increased net sales by 21 per cent to $516 million and sold across a record number of properties. We believe we are well positioned to benefit as the worldwide market for licensed products continues to develop. We se strong growth opportunities for this year and beyond.”

So, where’s the game? Patience. It will take a bit of time to get it ready. Microsoft has said that Gears Pop will now be available next year on both iPhone and Android. And you can be sure, there will be some special POPs for the game, too. Nothing is official yet, but the writing is on the wall.