Funko and Mattel will be launching a new line of Barbie dolls

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Funko and Mattel will be launching a new line of Barbie dollsFunko and Mattel are teaming up. The two toy makers are going to launch a new line of Barbie dolls. The range is called Barbie Mystery Minis and it is already out.

The range of Barbie dolls will feature a trip down memory lane. The dolls go back in time and recreate some of Barbie’s most famous looks throughout the years.

They include the first ever Barbie, the classic 1959 Swimsuit Barbie and the 1973 Surgeon Barbie. You will be able to get several other classic Barbies in new Funko style.

The dolls feature Funko’s more unique anime style and size. They are not like the POP! vinyl action figures line and are taller with unique features.

Barbie Mystery Minis are still small dolls, with different style than the original Barbies. The range currently features eight Barbie Mystery Minis. If they prove to be popular, and we can’t see why they won’t be, then you can expect even more to make their way to the stores.

The first dolls are already out in the stores in the US. They will also be available in UK and other countries soon. So, keep an eye out.