Fun plush toys for grown ups

Plush toys aren’t just for kids. There are many fun plush toys for grown ups that can be great presents, nice surprises or just something nice to have. We have tried to select a few fun plush toys for grown ups that we would like to share with you.

Some you may know from popular TV shows, movies, computer games. Others are just plain fun. In all cases though they are guaranteed to

Special plush toys for grown ups

Portal 2 Plush Turret w/ Sound

Portal 2 Turret Plush

Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible from tha famous video game. Complete with preselected talking phrases which the Turret will randomize based on certain actions. Don’t ignore it as it will get lonely.

SD Star Wars Plush Vehicles

Star Wars Plush Vehicles

Ever wanted your own Millenium Falcon or AT-AT? Or maybe a Tie Fighter or a X-Wing Fighter? How about the Death Star?

The whole lot is available as fun plush toys. These are great plush toys for grown ups and kids alike.

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Pop! Plush

Walking Dead Rick Grimes Plush

Modeled after the popular Walking Dead character this toy is a must have for every fan of the TV show. It has everything you need to look at the show from the funny side.

Minecraft Baby Ocelot Plush

Minecraft Baby Ocelot Plush

Fans of the popular game will be happy to hear that many of the popular characters have found their way to the real world. Mainly as stuffed toys. Here we have a 7-inch plush replica of the Baby Ocelot.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Plush

Rocket Raccoon Plush

The ever so popular Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy is getting ready to takeover the toy market. One of the first stops, Plush central.

Sesame Steet Talking ABC Elmo

Talking Elmo from Sesame Street

Ok, ok, technically Sesame Street is for kids. But haven’t you always wanted one of the characters for your collection? All of them are available, and the new edition of Elmo can talk and help you never forget the alphabet.

Bart Simpson Plush

Talking Bart Simpson

This one is rather special. It is a talking Bart Simpson who will remind you constantly why you love the show. And the best part? He is 26-inches tall. For the metric world this is 66 cm.

Game of Thrones 3-eyed Raven

Game of Thrones 3-Eyed Raven

The hit TV series based on George R.R Martin’s books comes to life in the form of plush toys for grown ups. This is an official replica of the 3-eyed Raven complete with.. 3 eyes, two legs and black plush.

Pokemon Pikachu

Pokemon Pikachu Plush

Another popular cartoon character that is meant for kids but it may actually have more adult fans than kids. Many people still choose Pikachu. We know you want to too. This one is a hefty 18 inches tall or about 46 cm.

Batman Fabrikations Plush

Batman Fabrikations Plush

Who doesn’t love batman? We sure do. You sure do. You can now have a cartoonized plush version of him thanks fo Fabrikations.

Do you already have these plush toys for grown ups? Or maybe you’ve found some new? Share your thoughts in the comments below and your collections in the forum.