Fuggler stuffed animals are getting more and more popular

Fuggler stuffed animals are getting more and more popularDo you need a new line of stuffed animals to collect? You have it. Meet the Fugglers. They are getting more and more popular with young and adult.

Some feel they look a bit creepy. Others say they are cute. The truth is they are both.

The Fugglers have been around in the UK for a while now and are quite popular. Now Romper reports they are coming to the US, too.

There are over 50 Fuggler stuffed animals. They are coming in two sizes – 9 inches and 12 inches. Some of them are rare with glow-in-the-dark teeth and eyes.

The Fugglers also have an interesting approach. At first you won’t be able to get them online. You will have to visit Target, GameStop, Hot Topic and other specialty retailers. Prices will vary from $14.99 to $24.99 depending on the Fuggler.

And you don’t buy them, you adopt them. When you get a Fuggler there’s an “adoption process” along with a certificate.

The name comes from the “funny-ugly monsters”. They are quirky, crazy, fun. They were created 8 years ago bu Mrs. McGettrick who keeps her identity a secret. She came up with the idea after seeing fake teeth on eBay and started selling her first Fugglers on Etsy.

Now Spin Master will take care of the creation and distribution of Fugglers while Mrs. McGettrick will get to enjoy their success.