Frozen II and Star Wars bump Hasbro to big revenue

Frozen II and Star Wars bump Hasbro to big revenueDisney’s properties once again helped the toy market. And they were especially beneficial for Hasbro which gained a healthy jump in its revenue.

According to the latest company data Hasbro has netted a 3% jump in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019. This is also the biggest, most active sales quarter for everyone every year due to the holiday shopping spree.

Hasbro recorded a net income of $267.3 million which is a massive jump from the modest $8.8 million it made a year earlier. This is a healthy return to form for Hasbro and it has Disney to thank.

Latest data shows that the company sold a lot of Frozen II and Star Wars toys. They were among the top sellers along with Magic: The Gathering Arena and the Transformers: Bumblebee.

Hasbro is very pleased with the partnership with Disney. And it expects it to continue bringing benefits for both organizations.

Of course, there are challenges too. The main one is the coronavirus epidemic. Hasbro says that the impact of the coronavirus on its business is currently small. But that may change depending on how the epidemic continues to spread and how long it will take to contain the outbreak.