Four unusual uses for stuffed animals

Four unusual uses for stuffed animalsStuffed animals are more than just toys. They can be useful for quite a few other things as well. Wondering what? Well, lets see four possibilities.

The general idea is that stuffed animals are great toys and companions. You can play with them, cuddle, take them on adventures and so on.

But it comes a point when you have so much stuffies that they are everywhere in your home. So it may be useful if they have some extra purposes.

Believe it or not, there are some unsual uses for stuffed animals and they can be quite practical.


You books keep falling on their sides? Put a stuffed animal at the end of the row as a bookend. If the toy is too light, you can add some pellets or something else heavier to the stuffing. Now the stuffie can support the weight of the books and it will keep them in check while giving your bookshelf a cuter look.


Speaking about look, stuffed animals can be superb decorations. Given the wide choice of different stuffies, there are stuffed animals for every taste. If you like a funky or futuristic look, there are such toys. There are also animated looking toys, realistic stuffies and so on. If you use stuffed animals as decorations, remember that a few well placed stuffies are better than lots of them seemingly scattered around like a chaos.


Stuffed animals can have other very practical uses. Lets say you have something that you want to remain a secret and to be just for you. There are stuffed animals safes that feature hidden zippers that allow you to store stuff in them. You can also make one yourself though. Take a seam ripper and rip the seam at a discrete place on the body of the stuffie. Place the valuable things inside and sew the seam back. Now you will have to be careful that noone plays with this toy, washes it or worse, decides to throw it away.


Stuffed animals can be part of the home security system. It may seem a bit Hollywood but there are uses of stuffies for such projects. They can house security cameras, motion sensors and so on. Since thieves won’t be interested in toys, they won’t pay attention to them. You just have to ensure no one else moves them.

These are some of the practical unusual uses for stuffed animals. Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.