Four high tech toys for creative play… and hugging

Four high tech toys for creative play... and huggingModern toys often get to use the additional possibilities and features of technology. Here are four high tech toys for creative play… and some hugging.

You probably expect the Hatchnimals to be in this list. And… Of course they are! How can we go without the biggest toy hit in a while.

The Hatchinmals show the kids what it’s like to take care of a real pet and a real friend. Plus, they also have a huggable cute friend at their side.

Sadly, the Hatchinmals have become too popular. So popular you can’t really get your hands on one. Unless you either are willing to pay a premium or get lucky with the availability in a store.

The Hatchnimals high tech alternatives

But you can easily find some of the other cool interactive toys for this Christmas, reports. Among them is the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse.

This is a new, modern house for the new, modern Barbie. The house now features a working elevator and even WiFi connectivity. Kids can even control it with over 100 voice commands.

There’s also something for the racing fans. The Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System Starter Kit. The name is long and complex, but it’s worth it. You can create various conditions and obstacles for the cars on the track. Special sensors will then try to keep them on the track during the race.

Finally, Play-Doh also gets into the high tech era! Yes, you can haveĀ a new Play-Doh Shape to Life Studio. You get 7 cans of Play-Doh and many tools to create different shapes and characters. Kids can also use the free Play-Doh Touch app for iOS and Android to scan their creations. The app will then make them bounce, dance, float and many more.

So, there you have it. Four high tech toys for creative play. Have a great Christmas!