Four great teddy bear songs

Four great teddy bear songsTeddy bears are loved by countless people around the world. Us included. They have been around for a long time and carry the childhood memories of millions of people. It’s normal to see that teddy bears have also been the stars of more than songs.

Most of those songs are great for kids and teddy bear picnics for example. Others are just great songs that one can listen to and relax.

We’ve selected four great teddy bear songs that we hope you will like too. If you know of other songs that are dedicated to teddy bears and/or other stuffed animals please share them in the comments below or in our forum.

Teddy bear songs

First up is the classic Teddy bear song. If you come from an English speaking nation you’ve probably heard this song. If you are from another country, then it may be new to you, but we’re sure you will like it.

It is a classic and has a lot of different versions. This one comes with a nice animation that can help kids play with the song and their own teddy bears.

This is another version of the same song but with more people singing it. There’s also a nice animation as well to go with the song and make it even more fun to play.

This is a teddy bear nursery rhyme that has been turned into a song. The song shows a typical day of a teddy bear. It features a 3D animation as well.

And finally something for the grown ups. It is The Teddy Bear Song by Barbara Fairchild. Embeding of the video is disabled, but you can see it on it’s original YouTube page. The song is very emotional and melodic. Definately worth a listen (or more than once).

We hope you liked those few teddy bear songs. If you have other suggestions, share them with us.