4 funny stuffed animals videos

We all know stuffed animals can be a lot of fun. Just how funny stuffed animals can be? Well, we’ve gathered a few videos that we hope will bring a smile to your face.

And while there are a lot of funny stuffed animals out there, some can be both quite scary while funny for some. It depends on which side on the camera¬†you’re on. Let’s get on with the

Funny stuffed animals videos

Take this doberman for example. When she’s… greeted by the small stuffed dog, she gets quite scared. Nevertheless, it’s qute funny and slowly she gets to know her new friend better.

And while the doberman slowly gets braver and starts to get closer with the sutffed dog, this following cat is not so brave nor pleased by the sight of her new stuffed friend. In this case it’s a racoon that comes up to say hi. The cat and her other cat friend though are not that pleased.

But animals also love stuffed animals and can be great friends with them. Check out this collection of funny stuffed animals pictures along with their real counterparts. For some pictures it will be a challenge for you to actually find the real animals.

Stuffed animals can also have some fun by themselves. And they can be quite the dancers. Check out these funny stuffed animals having some fun.

And we have a bonus video for you today. Check out this cute mouse sing a special version of a Christmas song and dancing while doing so. He has some moves don’t you think?

Well, that’s about it for this selection of funny stuffed animals videos. If you like them let us know in the comments below. You can also share some cool vids of stuffed animals that you’ve found or made yourself here or in our forum.