First steps before registering

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First steps before registering

Postby StuffedParty » Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:32 pm

Hi and welcome to the forums of :D We're glad you're here.

After you register, you will have to wait a while until an admin of the forum activates your account. In order for that to happen, please fill out at least a few of the fields in your profile as you register. This will help the admins see that you are in fact human. We want this to be a family friendly place so we DO NOT tolerate crude behavior. Legal action might be pursued if you go over the line, so stay friendly.

We hope you will like it here. In order to get more comfortable with the place first you may setup your profile when you visit the User Control Panel. Be sure to fill it up and set the rest of the options to your liking.

Next up be sure to introduce yourself in our Welcome stage.

Then you're free to roam the forum as much as you like and participate. Just be sure to keep up with the rules which are simple:

- No swearing and using of bad words.

- No links to erotic or other lewd content.

- No spam and flooding.

- Be polite to other members and respect their opinion.

- If you see anything that you don't like, inform the staff.

If you have any questions or need some extra help, PM this account and we will get on the case.

Stuffed Party

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