Fort Carson’s veterinary center opened a Teddy Bear Clinic

Fort Carson's veterinary center opened a Teddy Bear Clinic
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

Fort Carson’s veterinary center has opened a Teddy Bear Clinic to show kids it’s not scary going to the doctor. All stuffed animals that came were fixed.

More than 60 stuffed animals were brought to Fort Carson’s veterinary center, FOX21News reported. This is the first time Fort Carson has opened a Teddy Bear Clinic.

Despite the name, all types of stuffed animals were able to come and get examined for free. A lot of kids brought their damaged stuffies which needed to be fixed.

“Mommy tried her hand at sewing and he was coming undone along his back. “He had to be stitched from here to here, so it wasn’t a small job for them to do,” said Cassie Hiszem, who picked up Sprinkles the fox for with her six-year-old son.

Each toy had a three-day stay at the Teddy Bear Clinic. This allowed for them to receive all the needed care. Even the toughest cases were healed and sent home happy.

“There have definitely been some challenges and I think everybody’s done a really great job getting them back together and, I hope everybody’s happy with the result,” said U.S. Army CPT. Caitlin Sullivan.

This is the first time Fort Carson opened a Teddy Bear Clinic for children’s injured or damaged stuffed animals, and it seems it was much needed.

“She’s extremely excited, they go everywhere with her, it’s the longest she’s ever left them,” said Anne Turner, who was with her three-year-old daughter, Cabella.

“This a great opportunity of them to get some practice in and familiarize themselves with different patterns and different techniques of suturing,” Sullivan said.

Each stuffed animal went home with care instructions. The toughest cases had extra instructions with some saying their surgery was a success. All stuffies had to get some love and rest.