Forky is the new favorite star from Toy Story

Forky is the new favorite star from Toy StoryToy Story 4 is on track to become among the best grossing Pixar movies which isn’t bad at all. And Fans already have a new favorite character.

It’s none other than… Forky. Yes, Forky, and not Duke Caboom who was expected to be the new fan-favorite. And while Duke is quite fun and cool, fans really like Forky.

According to i4u, Forky is not only a fan-favorite when you watch the movie. The funky character also enjoys a lot of high-number sales of related toys.

And there’s quite a few Forky toys out there, indeed. Among them is an interactive 7-inch Forky who can talk and change his facial expressions.

There’s also a plush interactive Forky. This can can talk, wiggle and move his feet.

Another plush Forky, this time by Posh Paws, doesn’t have interactive features. But it’s a cute, fully plush and cuddly version of Forky. No fork poking here.

Then, there’s the Forky Free Wheeling Talking Action Figure, a two-pack set of Forky and Duke Caboom. Disney also offers a Walk & Tap Forky, and of course, there’s the Funko Pop Forky as well.

So, fans are quite spoiled with Forky toys. And this reflects the popularity of the character as well. Plus, Forky will get his own spin-off series on Disney+, the new streaming service which will start soon.