Fluffmonger eco-friendly stuffed animals get their own book

Fluffmonger eco-friendly stuffed animals get their own bookFluffmonger is a brand for eco-friendly stuffed animals. They are now planning their own book which will showcase the backstory of each fluffy character.

Jenny Maj is the founder of Fluffmonger in Greensboro. So far she is the only one in the brand and she makes the cute stuffed animals.

Maj has created about a dozen characters. Each of them has its own backstory. For example, Baxter the horse is a foodie. Griswold the sheep has social anxiety. Finally, Falafel is a clumsy llama who likes yoga and gardening.

Fluffmonger’s book

Now Maj wants to turn their stories into a book. Its tittle is “Falafel’s Garden” and she describes it as “rhyming children’s book about gardening, cooking and forgiveness”. Maj used Kickstarter to seek funding of $4000 for the softcover book. And She met the goal in just five days.

Maj writes she started to make the so-called organic stuffed animals two years ago. She makes the toys by hand and uses organic, eco-friendly and ethically produced materials. She even dyes the fabrics by hand. The stuffing is also special. Each toy is stuffed with either US-grown organic buckwheat hulls, organic wool from a local farm, or hypoallergenic fiber fill made from recycled plastic bottles.

This makes the stuffed animals a bit expensive with prices between $99 and $199 depending on the toy. Still, you get a fully organic and eco-friendly stuffed animal which has a great story and loves to hug.