Florida kids repurpose stuffed animals for shelter pets

Florida kids repurpose stuffed animals for shelter petsKids in Tampa, Florida have begun a great new initiative. They are repurposing stuffed animals to make toys for pets in shelters.

A lot of families tend to simply throw out old stuffed animals. The 12-year-old Zach Hartman from Tampa though didn’t like that, FOX 13 reports.

Instead, he has a different idea which he has presented to his fellows in school. Why not take old stuffed animals and repurpose them for pets in shelters.

Zach says his idea is very simple. Kids take the old plushies and make a small slit in them. Then they add a squeaker inside of the toys and sew them back up.

Kids at Zach’s school also love the idea and are helping out. But Zach has even more ambitious goals.

He has started a non-profit with the name Zach’s Planet. It aims to continue to develop and expand such projects to help make a positive impact in the world.

The first toys are already making their way towards shelters. He already has a lot of experience in this. For the past five years Zach and his peers have donated more than 400 stuffed animals to the Humane Society of Tampa.

Zach says he’s very thankful to all of the volunteers for his project. “This is a great way to show that you can help out in your community”, he says. Despite being only 12 years old Zach already sounds and acts incredibly mature and shows that care and compassion have no age.