Five ways you can incorporate stuffed animals into the Easter egg hunt

Five ways you can incorporate stuffed animals into the Easter egg hunt
Flickr (CC) / Steven Depolo

Easter is nearly here and a big part of the celebration is the Easter egg hunt. Your stuffed animals would love to take part in it! Here’s how to do it!

First a few words for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Easter egg hunt tradition. Usually on Easter parents hide eggs throughout the house and yard. Then the children roam around with a basket with the goal of finding and collecting all of the eggs.

It is a fun time for all, sometimes with prizes at the end if all eggs are found successfully. Stuffed animals also love to take part into these events. Children would also love to include them in the fun.

The obvious way is to simply allow the child to enlist the help of a stuffed animal for the hunt. He or she can bring the stuffed friend along and both of them can search for the eggs.

Another possibility is if the parent takes the role of speaker for the stuffed animal. The stuffie can then help guide the child to the next egg.

A third option is to get a plush rabbit and it will need the help of the child to find all of the eggs. The child can then bring the basket of eggs to the bunny.

Fourth possibility – also an obvious one. Hide an egg or two under a stuffed animal or somewhere in a pile of stuffies. It is also a nice way of reintroducing some toys the child has forgotten.

And finally, they can all take part into celebrating Easter, having fun, sharing the eggs and prizes for the successfully completed Easter egg hunt! It is a great way to exercise the imagination – both yours and of your children. Happy Easter!