Five ways to display your stuffed animals collection

Five ways to display your stuffed animals collectionIf you have a big stuffed animals collection, you would want to display it proudly. Here are a few ways to do that and enjoy your stuffies to the most.

Over the years our stuffed animal collection has grown into quite a sizeable one. Buying a stuffie here and there as a gift or as a souvenir from a trip ends up in building a great personal collection that means a lot to you. So storing it into boxes in the attic somehow dosen’t seem right, right?

Instead, why not proudly display your collection? It can be both a great way to personalize and decorate your home but also a superb way to make you feel better every time you take a look at your stuffies. Displaying your stuffed animals collection requires your creativity. The main thing is to follow your own personal tastes and preferences. Then you will always be satisfied with the result.

So you can use the next few ideas as a base for your stuffed animals display and expand and improve them up to your tastes. Enjoy.

Normal shelf

This one is kinda obvious. Simply place a shelf on the wall and line up your stuffies there. But you can also get creative by placing the shelves on different heights and set up some creative scenes between the stuffies. For example they are trying to build a staircase or something.

Closed and lit up cabinet

Most stuffies are kept in open shelf cabinets which is perfectly fine. But if you want to make it even better, you can use a cabinet with glass doors and internal lighting. You can use LED self-adhesive stips that are easy to set up and give great lighting. You can again set up various scenes or rooms in the cabinet too.

Hammock for stuffed animals

This one is a classic. It is a great way to store your stuffies when you don’t really have that much room. Making a hammock for stuffed animals is pretty easy. Check it out.

Stuffed animals zoo

Making a stuffed animals zoo is a bit more challenging but it is a great way to store stuffies when you don’t have any more room left. It is more of a practical approach than a perfect display, but it can look attractive when it is full of stuffed animals. Here is how to make a stuffed animals zoo.

On the furniture

This is the easiest way. Simply place your stuffed animals around the house and on various furniture. This means you can see them everywhere and they will bring you a smile everywhere. The downside is if your home is too dusty, it will require more effort to keep all stuffies dust free.

If you have any ideas or already have made a great display for your stuffed animals, let us know in our forum.