Five ways how to donate stuffed animals

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Five ways how to donate stuffed animalsDonating stuffed animals can be a great way to help out. Stuffed animals can be very helpful to young children to feel better in bad situations. Happily there are many ways to donate stuffed animals.

It turns out there are many people who want to donate stuffed animals but can’t seem to find out a way to do so. Stuffies can be vital for children though.

They can help them in their development, can relieve stress and depression┬áSo if you don’t want to keep your stuffed animals anymore, you should really, really donate them.

Here are five ways how to donate stuffed animals

Before you go and donate the toys, first give them a good clean. Chances are the organization will do the same too, but some require you to have them cleaned beforehand. Plus it is givng a better message out. So please clean the toys before you donate them.

Afterwards pack them in bags, but not airtight. You want to leave some air access to the toys so they don’t get mold. Now you are ready to donate them.

Go to the local Red cross

The Red cross is always accepting all kinds of donations. They should be well aware of the benefits of stuffed animals and should accept your donation happily.

If for some reason they are don’t want to accept the toys, they might tell you about organizations that will. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Stuffed animal drives

Many companies, stores and organizations are hosting stuffed animal drives. Usually this happens around certain big holidays, so you may have to wait a bit.

Search the web for any stuffed animal drives in your area.

Go to the local shelter and ask

You can also go to the local shelter for kids and donate your stuffed animals there. They will be greatly appreciated.

It is better to give them a call first or go ask beforehand, just to let them know and prepare accordingly.

Go to the local institutions

Hospitals, police and firestations also need stuffed animals. Police officers and fire fighters usually keep a stuffie or two in their vehicles in case they respond to a call and there are scared children involved. They give the toys to the children to help them relax, so they need such donations to help them out.

Organize it yourself

If you want to involve more people, you can always ogranize a stuffed animal drive yourself. Post ads on the internet and in the local stores and institutions. You will be surprised by the amount of people that will want to participate and donate stuffed animals as well.