Five things stuffed animals and LEGO have in common

Five things stuffed animals and LEGO have in common

LEGOs and stuffed animals are two of the world’s most favorite types of toys. They are loved by many and actually have a few things in common. Let’s find out what are they.

Stuffed animals are quite a bit older than LEGO. LEGO is a creation of the 20th Century whilst, there have been quite a few stuffed animals in the years before that. Naturally both types of toys got most popular during the second half of the 20th Century. If you are like us, you probably have both some stuffed animals and LEGO sets. And here is why we love them both.

They are loved by young and old

Stuffed animals and LEGO sets are toys and toys are for children. This doesn’t mean that both children and adults love these toys. There are many people collecting stuffed animals and many people who love creating various LEGO objects, thinking of new projects and etc.

They are loved by boys and girls

There are toys that are made specifically for boys and toys for girls. Then there are toys that are thought they should be for girls and others – for boys. But stuffies and LEGOs don’t fall into either of these categories. They are in fact toys for everyone. All you need is to simply like them and you can have all the LEGO sets or plush toys you want and no one will ask you “aren’t these for boys?” or “shouldn’t girls be playing with those?”. Instead, they will ask you only two questions: “Where did you get them?” and “Can I play?”

They are great for developing skills

LEGOs are ideal for creative thinking, decision making, practical skills development and many more. Stuffed animals are great for basic education of colors, numbers, counting, animals, creativity and communication skills development. If you want to make learning fun for your child, use LEGO and stuffed animals.

They are offering a whole huge world of possibilities and variety

Most toys can do only a few things. But the possibilities to play with plushies and the colorful bricks are endless. They are limited only by your imagination. There is always another way to connect the bricks and make a new building. There is always a new game or a character you can think of for your stuffies. Plus there are countless stuffed animals and LEGO sets out there taking you from realistic adventures all the way to the most incredible fictional worlds.

They can always bring you a smile

You may feel down. You may feel sad or tired. Simply taking a look at your stuffies or creations can bring you a smile. It can always make you feel better. And you can even take a stuffed friend with you everywhere you travel to have your connection with home and to have someone to hug and feel better. Yes, these toys are more than just toys. They are like friends, always by your side. Always ready to help you however they can.