Five signs you are an arctophile

Arctophile is a person who is obsessed with teddy bearsAn arctophile is a person who is obsessed with teddy bears. He or she can’t help but keep buying them, storing them, even creating them. Are you an arctophile? You might be one, without even realizing it.

The word comes from the greekĀ “arcto” which means “bear” and “philos” which means a fan, lover, admirer. So bacially a person who loves teddy bears.

We’ve made a simple list that can point to the fact you might be a huge fan of the stuffed bears. It’s a form of an addiction but as far as addictions go, there’s a lot of other stuff you might be glued to. So even if you find yourself out to be an arctophile, don’t sweat it too much.

Are you an arctophile?

You might be one if you have quite a few teddy bears in your home but are too ashamed to display them out in the open so you keep them stored. You think your friend will find it strange to come to your place one day and see it covered with stuffed bears.

You are definately an arctophile if you continue to buy teddy bears to this day. The bigger collection you have, the happier you feel.

You collect all, and we do mean ALL, kinds of teddy bears. Big ones, small one, realistic ones, cartoonish, fun, animated, talking, singing, you have it all. And probably you have categorized them by different criteria.

Another possible sign that you do in fact love the stuffed toys is if you are actually making some yourself. Actually if you are creating something yourself, that’s only something to be admired so you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed for. And you know that we here at StuffedParty would LOVE to see your work.

You view teddy bears as more than just stuffed toys. For you they are like a friend or like a part of the family. You love them as much as you know they love you.

Are there any more sings that point that you might be an arctophile? Tell us in the comments or in our forum.