Five reasons stuffed animals are great sleep companions

Five reasons stuffed animals are great sleep companionsStuffed animals are great sleep companions, there’s no doubt. But why? Are they more than just cuddly toys? Oh, yes. A lot more. Let’s find out what.

Stuffed animals are notorious sleep aids. They have been used for generations and they are pretty much mandatory for babies. At least that’s the notion. But while most parents simply see stuffies as something cute and cuddly, our stuffed friends do have a lot more to bring. Not only for parents, but for adults, too.

Plush animals are great for kids to share emotions. This may come as play before bed or simply as a huggable friend who can and will always be there for the child.

Stuffed animals are also known to help cure depression. This is why it is OK for adults to play with them. And it is also why a lot of adults still keep a stuffie near their bed. Because a mere glance at the cuddly friend instantly makes you feel better and eases stress and depression. And lowering the stress levels is vital for good sleep.

This is also a confidence booster. Especially for kids. Having a stuffed friend can help the child communicate better, feel better and sleep better. This all helps for the confidence.

Plus a stuffed animal is a great protector. It will keep all the ghosts and gremlins away and make sure the childĀ is protected.

Finally, a stuffed animal is a great friend. Having a friend who you can always depend on, hug and cuddle is essential for a good night’s sleep of a child. Plus they will never pull the blanket for themselves only, nor will they take the majority of the space on the bed for themselves.

With that being said, there are some health risks involved with stuffed animals that are used for sleep companions. One of them is dust mites, lice or other critters. The other is the size. All of the stuffed animals that are within the bed, should be small enough so they don’t cover the child’s head if they fall over, because that’s a risk of suffocation.

Also, stuffed animals should be regularly cleaned to ensure they are free from possible bacteria. If you have a suspicion your stuffed animals might have some critters, be sure to see how to remove dust mites, how to remove lice and how to generally keep your stuffies nice and clean. This way you can sleep safely and comfortably.