Five of the coolest LEGO Creator sets (videos)

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Five of the coolest LEGO Creator sets (videos)LEGO Creator is the line of play sets that feature the most complex and coolest ideas LEGO can think of. Here are five of the coolest Creator sets to date.

Some of you may have noticed that along with stuffed animals, we are quite big fans of LEGO. The trouble with LEGO sets are that you need quite a lot of space if you want to have them properly displayed and not simply stored away in their boxes. Sadly, we lack that space these days, so we have to settle for the next best thing.

Looking at other’s collections and sets. LEGO has been on quite the roll over these past few years. Of particular interest is the LEGO Creator line, which features complex sets, some of which are modeled to represent real life buildings and cars. Let’s check out five of the coolest, at least according to us.

One of the most impressive LEGO Creator sets without a doubt is the Tower Bridge 10214. This thing is huge! You would need quite a lot of space to display it, but it is worth it. It looks very good! It may be a little repetitious while building since most of the stuff is identical, but the results make up for it. A special bonus points would be if you add some LED lighting in and around the buildings to make for an even more stunning display!

Looking for something more challenging to build? How about the Sydney Opera House 10234? Another huge set with even more intricate details. It features great small details, it is made sturdy and easy to handle, but it will make you work for it. It is definitely a very cool LEGO Creators set!

Then comes the LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 10248. It is one of the most impressive LEGO vehicles ever. It features a lot of tiny details from the real car, down to the pop up headlights! It is also a challenge to build but oh, it is worth it!

A great LEGO Creator set is the Parisian Restaurant 10243. It features a beautiful vintage building with lots of details on the outside. But the interior is where this thing really shines. Why? Because it features a fully furnished interior, complete with rooms, kitchen and etc. Further more, you can attach this set to other LEGO Creator buildings and make your own classic LEGO street!

Last, but not least, one of the line’s most impressive sets – the LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel 10247. It is a fully functioning Ferris Wheel that you can turn manually or put batteries and a motor in it and enjoy it working by itself!

So which are your favorite LEGO Creator sets? Let us know here or in our forum!