Five Nights at Freddy’s enjoys high demand and new plush toys

Five Nights at Freddy's enjoys high demand and new plush toysFive Nights at Freddy’s became pretty much a mainstream video game. It’s so popular that it has toy lines including new stuffed animals that are coming.

Product demand for the game has rocketed, retailer Forbidden Planet says to ToyNews. The horror game is filled with jump scares and was targeted at adults.

Popular YouTubers though started to play it a lot and helped the game to cross over to the children’s market. As a result, the popularity of the game exploded and it then crossed over to the toy market.

There are now quite a lot of toys for the game. They include stuffed animals, collectable figures like Funko POP! and more. Forbidden Planet says the interest towards Five Nights at Freddy’s toys is so big, that the brand is “one to watch” this year.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s has skyrocketed for us,” Omar Khan, licensing and special projects manager at retailer Forbidden Planet, told ToyNews.“Product demand climbed quickly, especially in terms of plush and toys. It still manages to surprise us, because the content seems so distinctly ‘adult’ but I guess everyone likes to be scared.”

A lot more is planned for the game this year. New plush animals will come to the market along with board games, build kits and action figures. “The rise in demand for pop culture products has been huge in recent years,” continued Khan. “We are in a golden age for it, making for Forbidden Planet’s best year to date in 2016.”