Five ideas for personalized stuffed animals

Five ideas for personalized stuffed animalsPersonalized stuffed animals can really make a gift seem that much more special. But how to personalize a plush animal? We have a few ideas you may like.

Personalized stuffed animals can be really easy to make. You can even order them from a company that will do the work for you.

For example Etsy offers a lot of different offers from various shops. Amongs them is Monogram Perfect which can embroid a various selection of stuffed animals with a name or other messages across their bellies. Or you can order a meesage to be embroided on their ears (perfect for stuffed elephants with big ears).

Another option is to get a stuffed animal with personalized accessories. For example a bandana or a T-shirt for the toy that can be embroided with a personal message, name, date or whatever else you want.

A third way is to get a stuffed animal with a personalized outfit. There are teddy bears with graduation outfits, or ones dressed like firemen and so on. An added personalization bonus would be to add an embroided message to such a toy.

You can also create personalized stuffed animals yourself. One way would be to make a whole stuffed toy. We have quite a few free patterns available on our site. You could even make a talking stuffie or a scented one.

An easier way is to simply create the personalized accessories. LIke embroid the message yourself. Or create an unique outfit. Another possibility is to use extra stuff.

There are just a couple of things you should keep in mind. Remember to keep the personalization efforts relevant to the receiver of the gift. Try to make it both humorous but also nice. And also remember to have fun. You are aiming to create a fun gift that will bring smiles to the receiver for years to come, every time they simply take a look at their new stuffed friend.