Five great stuffed animals DIY videos

There are lots of great projects you can do yourself. Especially if you like to create stuffed animals. Here are five great stuffed animals DIY videos that we liked.

These videos feature some great examples of stuffed animals DIY. For those of you who don’t know, DIY means Do-It-Yourself. These are some hobby projects that will show you how to make certain types of stuffies that you can then add to your collections.

First we begin with something Stupid. No, it is not an insult. It is a video tutorial from the crazy folks at Stupid Creatures. They will show you how to draw, cut, sew and create a crazy looking stuffed monster.

Prefer something cuter? How about a plush dog? Claire Sophia has a very nice video tutorial on how to make a stuffed dog.

There are other great stuffed animals DIY videos. For example LouiseLovesCraft shows us how to make a Kawaii Octopus plushie. Her tutorial is very thorough with lots of great advices on how to achieve professional results. Worth checking out.

How about making a stuffed seahorse? YouTube user sewbliss713 shows us exactly how to do it. And she also gives some extra tips for better results and a nice finish to the stuffed toy.

And finally, lets see how to make your own Grumpy Cat stuffed animal. Yes, you can own a version  This tutorial is again from Claire Sophia. You will see how to embroid the facial features on the toy and will see how to easily sew the pieces together.

These are the five great stuffed animals DIY videos that we wanted to show you. We hope you liked them and stay tuned for more soon.