Five giant stuffed animals

As with real animals, some stuffed animals are bigger than others. A lot, lot bigger. They are life size. We’ve found five giant stuffed animals that take the cake and then some.

Now why you may want to spend thousands of dollars on giant stuffed animals? Unless you’re needing them for a stage set for example it may look like a strange purpose. But what if you simply like the real animal really that much? Or you just want to reach the pinnacle of your stuffed animals collection?

Whatever the case, these are the

Five giant stuffed animals

We don’t even lose time and we begin with one of the biggest and most impressive stuffies you will ever find.Giant stuffed animalsThis is a life size stuffed buffalo made by Hansa. His dimensions are quite impressive: 94.5 x 72 x 31.5 inches and he weighs 150 pounds. The stuffed buffalo looks as close to the real animal as possible. The finishing of each example is made by hand so it has unique facial features just like real animals. A metal frame supports the body and can whitstand kids and adults up to 150 pounds.stuffed-gorilla

Next up in our selection of giant stuffed animals is this huge gorilla. Made again by Hansa this stuffed toy follows the same line of details and features like the buffalo above. Each stuffed gorilla has unique facial features. He is a little smaller than the buffalo – 67 x 52 x 26 inches and weighs a lot less – about 27 pounds. You can’t ride him like the buffalo though.

stuffed-elephantLooking for some wisdom? Then a stuffed elephant is the way to go. How about a really, really big one. Well, he’s not exactly life size but he’s not small either. He measures approx. 59 x 46.5 x 24 inches and weighs 150 pounds. Most of that weight is thanks to the inner metal frame that supports the stuffed elephant. Because of that anyone up to 150 pounds can take a ride on the elephant. Well, he won’t go anyware but it’ll be a nice photo anyway.

stuffed-horseHow can we have a selection of giant stuffed animals without one of the most beloved ones? The horse of course. This one is one fine example. He is 64 x 54 x 16 inches and also weighs 150 pounds due to the metal frame inside. And of course you can climb on it if you weigh no more than 150 pounds yourself.


We’re saving the biggest one for last. This stuffed giraffe is life size. He measures an astonishing 192 x 140 x 29.2 inches. Thanks to the metal frame he can stand and support on his back people up to 150 pounds. The stuffed giraffe also weighs the same. Granted his face might not be exactly realistic but who cares. He looks friendly and ready to have fun.

Do you have or would you have such giant stuffed animals? Apart from their prices the biggest issue would be space. Let us know what you think in the comments below or in our forum.