Five fun talking stuffed animals

Stuffed animals can be a lot of fun when they talk. No, we haven’t lost our marbles. There are talking stuffed animals out there. We have selected five of them that are quite fun.

These are talking stuffed animals that we have chosen based on popular characters or other fun stuff. Like our first suggestion.

Talking Stuffed animals

This is Talking Tom. You may know him from the famous mobile app with the same name. There are many versions of Talking Tom out there. This one has 16 already included audio actions. They can be activated by squeezing the paw or the tummy of the toy.


Next up is another famous mobile character. This is the Angry Birds famous…bird. When squeezed he will make some sounds that will be instantly known to any true fan of the game.


Fans of the Disney movie Frozen will know him. This is Olaf and he is waiting to make you laugh.He will say some of his favorite silly and funny phrases from the movie when pushed. As any true snowman, he can be pulled apart and then put back together.


Talking stuffed animals are not only big ones. They can be small. So small you can put them on a keychain. Like Talking Ben for example. He also has 16 preselected sounds that he will emit when pushed. The fun bit is that Ben is a keychain so he will talk even when you’re not expecting, for example when he’s pressed when in your pocket.


And last but not least, this is Gina – the talking giraffe from the popular mobile apps. She will listen carefuly on what ypu say and then… she will repeat it, but she’ll put her own spin on it and maybe add a funny sound or two. She also has 16 included sounds and some might surprise you.