Five cute stuffed animals dressed as superheroes

Superheroes are a hot topic for the movie industry for quite some time now. This reflects on the toy industry as well with many themed stuffed animals, too.

Over the years there have been many themed toys and stuffed animals which represent certain superheroes. The superheroes also have been recreated in plush form.

This time we opted for something much more simple. Just a few regular stuffed animals and teddy bears which though are dressed like superheroes.

This way you can see the transformation which something as simple as a costume gives. So, here are five cute stuffed animals which are dressed as superheroes.

These stuffies are made by Gund and we came across them while browsing the web. There are others, too. Like some from Build-A-Bear.

The first one is, of course, Batman. In this case it’s Batman Malone in black.

Five cute stuffed animals dressed as superheroes

This bear is 12-inches high and has the classic Batman costume. He will be the hero you need.

Next up is Superman. Or in this case, Superman Griffin.

Gund Superman plush dog

He is a 12-inch tall plush dogĀ  who will do everything he can to keep you safe. And loves to hug.

The Justice League wouldn’t be complete without Wonder Woman. Gund has a 12-inch plush bunny Anya who comes with the classic Wonder Woman costume.

Gund Wonder Woman plushie

Sadly, she doesn’t have her shield, but even so, she will still be able to protect you.

Also, sometimes you need some antiheroes, too. In this case, Harley Quinn.

Gund Harley Quinn stuffed animal

She’s even taller at 13 inches. According to Gund the used base toy is a plush dog, although it looks more like a teddy bear to us. No matter, it looks great and comes in the classic Harley costume.

Finally, we have the Flash. Gund uses the 12-inch Blaze teddy bear. Fitting name, right?

Gund Flash Blazer Teddy Bear

He also comes with the classic Flash costume. He also loves to cuddle, but better be quick, as he might run off somewhere to save the day.