Five cute plush arctic animals

Polar animals generally are among the cutest. We like them a lot, so we were pretty happy to find some even cuter plush arctic animals out there. These stuffies can melt your heart so we thought we’d share them with you.

These plush arctic animals are just a small part of the cuteness that you can find in the stuffed animals kingdom. But it is a very nice start so here we go with the

Five cute plush arctic animals

First up is this cute little stuffed polar bear. He is 11 inches high, made byDouglas Toys. This company generally goes for making the cute cuter.

Five cute plush arctic animalsNext up we have a cute stuffed seal. He is made by Fiesta toys. The seal is actually a pillow that unzips and becomes the stuffed animal.

Plush sealThe third choice in our plush arctic animals selection is this cute arctic fox. It is made by Hansa and goes for ultimate realism by being made mostly by hand. Each toy has unique facial expressions and in the case of this fox, they are always very, very cute.

Plush arctic foxNow back under the water again. This time we meet this cute stuffed Beluga whale. Made by Wild Republic the beluga is 10 inches long and very soft. So soft you will always want to cuddle. We know we do.

Plush Beluga whaleAnd last, but certainly not least, we have a couple of Imperator penguins. The mommy penguin is 14.5 inches tall and able to stand straight by her own. The penguins are produced by Hansa which again goes for a realistic representation of the animal. Even so their plush version somehow looks a bit cuter.

Plush Imperator PenguinsSo here we are. Five of the cutest plush arctic animals. We know there are more out there. Maybe you own some of them? You can show them in the comments below or in our forum.