Five cool jumbo stuffed animals

The usual idea of stuffed animals is that they are relatively small. But there are also some jumbo stuffed animals that are on the market. Some of them are quite big and cute. Perfect for cuddling.

We admit we like jumbo stuffed animals a lot. Sadly they are not the best to have in a small home so we will have to live with the idea that for the most part the big stuffed animals are going to be delegated to just pictures in our house.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some jumbo stuffed animals for your collection. We took a tour through the web to look for some cool stuffies. And we found quite a few. The pictures are via ToysRus.

Le cool jumbo stuffed animals

Jumbo stuffed animals

First up we have the huge 43 inch dog called Sammie. He’s made exclusively for Toys ‘R’ Us so you can’t find him anywhere else. He’s plush big and perfect for cuddling. Believe it or not, the store calls him a “puppy”. He’s one mighty big puppy. He’d be great for a pillow or just for cuddling and playing.


Next is something for the teddy bear lovers. Meet Cuddlekins Black Bear. He’s 29 inches and according to the store he’s made with the goal to be lifelike at least when it comes to the facial features. We’ll leave you to be the judge of that but there’s no denying that this big plush bear is great for cuddling.


Back to the dog theme. This time with something a bit more special. This is a practically lifesize border collie made by Mellisa & Doug. At 24.5 inches high this border collie will be a great companion to any animal lover. And you don’t have to take him out for a walk or clean up after him.


Now lets go to the Savanna as there are many great animals there. One of them is the tiger. This great animal can be quite scary in person. But this Cuddlekins 30 inch stuffed tiger is very, very friendly. Just look at him. You immediately want to cuddle, right?


We’re wrapping up our selection of cool jumbo stuffed animals with something exotic. Again from Cuddlekins. This time it is a 35 inch red eye tree frog. Yes, the real tree frogs are not that big but that’s the beauty of stuffed animals. They can be a little bit out of the normal.

Do you have your own jumbo stuffed animals? We’d love to see them here or in our forum.