Five Christmas gifts for stuffed animals

Five Christmas gifts for stuffed animalsWith Christmas around the corner it is time to start thinking about gifts. And it is time to get around a few ideas on what gifts to get for your stuffed animals for Christmas.

Yes, that is right. Gifts for your stuffed animals. Usually we think of stuffies as gifts but not if you are an arctophile.

If you’re reading this chances are, you’re one. Big time. So… treat your stuffies with some gifts this Christmas.

Our top suggestions for Christmas gifts for stuffed animals

So… what gifts to stuffed animals like? Well, you have quite a few options.

A new friend

Christmas is a great time to add another stuffed animal to your collection. This will be a great gift for your stuffies too, because they get to have a new friend. And the choice is enourmous.


You can get your stuffies some new clothes. Depending on the size of the toys, you can buy ready-made clothes for babies and repurpose them. If you have Build-a-Bear stuffies, they have their own line of clothes. Or you can make clothes yourself.


Some stuffies like to have belts, hats and other accessories. You can get them a whole new look for Christmas with some accessories. Or you can give them fun and interesting items to work or play.

Build them a room

Are your stuffed friends sitting around in the room? Why not make them a special room? Use your creativity and build something up to their tastes. How about a lounge? Or maybe a play room? Or a nice place for your stuffies to rest? Christmas is a great time to give them such a surprise.

Other toys

While stuffed animals are toys, they also like to play with other toys. You can give them a ball, toy cars and whatever else they like. Christmas is a great time for surprises, so we hope you have a good one and you give great Christmas gifts to your stuffed animals.