Five big stuffed animals

Big stuffed animals are very cool. They look great and are even better for cuddling. Some tend to be expensive, but not all.

We did some looking around and found some great big stuffed animals that are worth checking out. They are big, they are cool and you will have a problem finding a place for them in your place. We will too. But we want them. They would be a nice addition to our collection of stuffies that needs a few big stuffed animals. But enough is enough. Lets see the

Five cool big stuffed animals

Check this big stuffed pengiun out. It’s made by Big Plush. It is five feet tall and can stand up alone. He’s also nearly three feet wide. The manufacturer has used quality materials. The penguin is made for a realistic look, apart from the size of course.

Five big stuffed animals
Image creidt: Big Plush

How about a big cat? A giant stuffed cheetah for example. This one is made by Melissa and Doug. It is 51 inches tall fulled with soft stuffing. The stuffed cheetah will attact attention not only because of the size but because of it’s details too.

Image creidt: Melissa and Doug

Our next choice is this big stuffed wolf. It’s made by Wild Republic. It is featured under their Cuddlekins line. The wolf is 30-inches long and very furry and soft. Great for cuddling in the winter.

Image credit: Wild Republic

Want something even bigger? How about this 8 feet tall teddy bear? Yes, a whole 8 feet. This is 2.4 meters. This one is again made by Big Plush so it features the same quality materials and details. It is also made in other colors too, if you’re not a fan of the pink color.

Image credit: Big Plush

Last but not least choice in our five cool big plush animals list. It is this big white stuffed tiger. Made by Melissa and Doug, the white tiger is 65 inches long. It is also 20 inches tall and 20 inches wide. The tiger is highly detailed but also very soft and great for cuddling.

Image credit: Melissa and Doug

Well, those are our five cool big stuffed animals for the moment. Do you like them? Or maybe you have some of them already? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.