Five big Disney plush animals collections

Disney plush animalsDisney has a lot of great characters that have a great following. Most of them are also ideal for plush animals toys. And many people have big Disney plush animals collections that are pretty interesting.

We’ve selected a few videos of big and interesting Disney plush animals. Some of them are quite interesting. If you like them let us and their owners know.

Also be sure to check out some of our other video collections. One of them features funny stuffies and the other is about big and interesteing collections.


Five cool Disney plush animals collections

We’re starting with one relatively small collection but a nice presentation.

But now, here’s a collection that is very, very big. Most of the stuffies you see here are official Disney toys. You can se a true fan here with a great Disney plush animals collection.

Next up another cool colletion with lots of variety.

This next video features a nice presentation of 49 Disney stuffies.

Last but not least one more collection with lots of stuffed animals and characters from Disney.

We hope you liked the videos. Do you have your own Disney plush animals collection? Show it off in our forum.