Fingerlings are aiming to be the new toy craze this year

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Fingerlings are aiming to be the new toy craze this yearLast year, the Hatchimals were the biggest toy craze. Now, there’s a new kid on the block. Meet the Fingerlings by WoWee which want to take over.

They are little robot-like monkeys. As their name suggests, they love fingers. You can attach them to your fingers and they will hold on.

Of course, they can do a lot more than simply hold on to the finger. They feature animatronics and moveable joints. This allows them to respond to sound, motion and touch.

They can rotate their heads, blink their eyes and more. And they can do that by themselves, reacting to the surroundings. The toy has several sensors on the body which monitor the action.

There are several variations of the Fingerlings. You can choose from a total of six in different colors and hairstyles. Each has a different name and personality. And they cost about $15 a pop.

“Not only does the low price tag make Fingerlings collectibles super accessible, but they also have a nurturing and interactive aspect that makes them great for extended play and will keep kids engaged,” explains Selina Tedesco, a product analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute Media and Tech Lab who also handles testing for Good Housekeepings’ Annual Toy Awards. “With over 40 animations, your child is going to have a different experience every time they play.”

The Fingerlings are already starting to gain a lot of popularity. Only one slight drawback for us is that they are not furry and cuddly, but are plastic. Even so, they seem quite good fun.