Fidget spinners pose risks of serious injury

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Fidget spinners pose risks of serious injuryThe fidget spinner craze may have cooled off a bit, but it’s still quite high. A study by BBC1’s Watchdogs though may further draw away people from fidgets.

The study shows there’s quite a lot of poor-quality imported spinners on the market. Most of them actually pose risks of serious injuries.

The problem is there are a lot of fidgets that are bootlegged. They haven’t passed safety tests. Some actually wouldn’t be able to pass them if they try.

Watchdogs say they have found such spinners with sharp edges. Some are so sharp, they can puncture skin and eyes. These spinners have failed even the basic safety tests anyone could perform.

Most of these dangerous spinners are sold at market stalls, car-boot sales and other unofficial channels, ToyNews reports. Some of the high-risk spinners though have made their way to local shops and on eBay as well.

“These items are absolutely not permitted and will be immediately removed. We’d like to thank the programme for bringing these items to our attention”, eBay says in a statement.

National trading standards officials advise parents to look for the CE mark on packaging. This means items have been tested to European standards. Here are some safety tips for fidget spinner use.

The experts also advise parents to buy the toys from a reputable seller. They should also never buy spinners for children under three. These toys contain small parts that could present a choking hazard, as well.