Fidget spinners create a huge new market for toys in the US

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Fidget spinners create a huge new market for toys in the USThe new toy trend in the US – Fidget spinners, continues to make big strides. So big, that it’s shaping up to be the biggest moneymaker in a long while.

The toys were originally designed as a therapeutic tool for children with Autism or ADHD to help calm them down and to help them concentrate. But now, they are everywhere. People all over the US are buying them, FOX Business reports.

The so-called fidgets debuted during the New York Toy Fair 2017. At first they gathered interest, but nothing was telling what was about to happen.

Some retailers though did saw something – a growing interest from people on social media. So they decided to risk and ordered a whole bunch of the fidgets. Zing, the maker of the Spinzips fidgets did the same. And they were quick to react with shipping out a lot of their fidgets.

As a result, they are now shipping out more than a million Zings a month. And it’s already on track to two million a month. It’s estimated that over 200 million different spinners have made their way towards retailers. This has already created a market worth over half a billion dollars!

That’s an unprecedented growth rate in the toy market, says Jackie Breyer, editorial director for The Toy Insider. Zing also adds that the fidgets are small, easy to make and to ship. This allows them to react quickly and take part of the new market.

Now the big question is how long will this trend continue? Will it become a mainstay? Or is it a one hit wonder? It’s difficult to tell. For now Breyer expects that it will continue. It’s still way too soon to have enough data. It’s been less than two months. But that’s still enough to tell that this fast growth can be the indicator for something big.