Feisty Pets will expand with even more toys and merchandise

Feisty Pets will expand with even more toys and merchandiseThe Feisty Pets stuffed animals are continuing to rise up in popularity. As a result, they are now looking to expand with even more toys and merchandise.

Surge Licensing is planning to expand the Feisty Pets line-up with a lot more stuff. Among them are accessories, gifts, back to school items and even clothes, ToyNews reports.

Meanwhile Jazwares is already launching the new toy line of Feisty Pets in the UK. It’s debuting in the big store chains. And it comes along with the launch of the new Feisty Pets book by Scholastic.

“2018 was a terrific launch year with Jazwares in the UK,” said Surge VP, Elan Freedman. “In 2019, with every retailer leaning in to the toy programme and our book series launching, there’s no better time for Caroline to work hr magic and scale the experience offering to our fans.”

The cute looking stuffed animals can easily get angry and will show this visibly. That’s what makes them quite interesting and popular. They continue to enjoy a lot of interest and it seems that this will continue thanks to the wider range of related products. Just don’t make them angry.