Fashion house Charlotte Olympia launches a new Barbie collection with Mattel

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Fashion house Charlotte Olympia launches a new Barbie collection with MattelFashion house Charlotte Olympia is launching a new Barbie collection with Mattel. It will showcase the glamorous side of both brands to the fullest.

This means that Barbie will rock the Charlotte Olympia style and shoes. All while Charlotte Olympia will make shoes and other glamorous clothes and styles which showcase Barbie’s legacy.

The new toy line will be most approved by Barbie collectors and fans, both companies think. The collaboration starts with a new Barbie which is going back in time to mirror the original 1959 look.

Barbie goes back to high fashion

This means a very high fashion and stylish doll. Barbie will wear a leopard print dress, gloves, platform shoes and a retro hairstyle and makeup. The doll will come with several other accessories like a handbag, sunglasses, other shoes, shopping bags and so on.

Charlotte Olympia will also recreate some of its iconic shoes, too. Especially for barbie. They will come in small shoe boxes which mimic the real ones. The new Barbie will even have a figure of a leopard.

Also, the new collection has a new makeup chest with a retro mirror, lipstick, perfume. The collection will transcend into the real world, too, as Charlotte Olympia will make real shoes and bags, too. So, if you’ve ever liked a Barbie outfit so much that you wanted to try it, soon you might have that option.

But be aware, the new collection will be offered only by Charlotte Olympia’s stores and the online shop of Barbie. This is a collection you won’t find in regular toy stores.